*I have a rescue schnoodle named Teddy who used to model pet products for Free People. 

*Arrival and Donnie Darko are two of my favorite movies. 

*I went to film school at New York University and worked in movies and television before I became a professional photographer.

*I interned at Saturday Night Live way back in 1999 when Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon were part of the cast.

*When I was a kid we had dial up internet through AOL, and I didn’t have my first cell phone until college. Oh man, maybe I shouldn't tell people that!

Hi, I’m Erin!

I’m a New York University film school graduate who has worked on film and television sets in NYC as well as in the photography studios of Hot Topic in Los Angeles and Free People (Urban Outfitters) in Philadelphia. I returned home to Wheeling to open my own photography studio just a couple of years ago.

Now I am living my dream by photographing high school seniors and making their senior portrait experiences something to remember. One of the best parts of my job is getting to hear about the amazing futures my clients have planned. Many have already accomplished great things, and I can’t wait to see what they go on to do next.

 When I’m not at work, you’ll find me spending time with my friends and family or curling up with my schnoodle dog, Teddy, to watch Netflix. Which reminds me—pets are more than welcome at your session! .